Family Gym Drop In

$6.50/child per drop in

$55.00/Punch Cards (10 visits - available at the front desk for purchase

*WE ACCEPT CASH OR CREDIT (mastercard & visa) ONLY!

General Family Gym Drop in Policies & Procedures:

  • We require a waiver to be filled out, signed and witnessed for all children entering the facility (to be done upon first visit to the facility). Waiver can be found online (below) or is available at the office. 

  • All children must be signed in at the front desk before entering into the gymnastics facility.

  • Participants should be wearing appropriate clothing (no jeans, zippers or snaps). Try to refrain from wearing jewelry (watches, necklaces, bracelets etc.)

  • Participants must be in bare feet while on the gymnastics equipment. Guardians may keep their socks on.

  • No outdoor foot wear permitted on the gymnastics equipment

  • No food or drink (other then water) allowed on the gymnastics equipment. Snacks are allowed in the entrance way or in one of the designated snack rooms. 

  • Please care for your infant (ie: changing diaper), outside of the gymnastics equipment. 

  • One at a time on all gymnastics equipment

  • If you need help, ASK!

  • Be courteous and respectful of the equipment and other participants

  • Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.