Fall 2020
- Schedule to be released shortly -
 -Registration opens Tuesday August 4 -

**Refund will only be given for injury or illness for the time missed accompanied by a doctors note. 

Parent - Tot - A coed class for children ages 2-3 years old. Each child participating requires an adult assisting at all time during the class. The class involves a warm up game/activity as well as two different gymnastics circuits. The children will learn different locomotions, static shapes and balances as well as other gymnastics fundamentals. The children will also have to utilize skills taught such as sharing, patience and listening. While the class is coach led, it does involve the adult to be actively moving and interacting with their child. We ask that there is only one adult assisting at a time in the gymnastics facility. 
Class Length: 40 minutes
Cost: $135/10 wks 
Kinder Ninja-  A coed class for children ages 3-5 years old. The class will teach the children a mixture of gymnastics skills and parkour locomotions. The class is all about keeping the children moving and active for the entire amount of time. They will learn skills such as rolls, balances, landings and basic hangs as well as locomotions like two foot & single foot springs up, over and onto objects, different direction running and parkour vaults (safety, kong etc.) The children must be POTTY TRAINED and able to go to the bathroom with limited to no help.  
Class Length: 55 minutes
Cost: $165/10 wks 
Super Tot's -  A coed class for children ages 3-5 years old. The class will teach the children the basics of gymnastics. They will try out all of the different gymnastics equipment. They will learn skills like forward and backward rolls, half handstands, landing off of objects, as well as hangs and so much more. The children will learn how to wait in line, share equipment, as well as participating in a class without mom or dad. The coach will lead the children through a warm up game/stretch as well as three different gymnastics circuits. The children must be POTTY TRAINED and able to go to the bathroom will limited to no help. 
Class Length: 55 minutes
Cost: $165/10 wks
Advanced Super Tot's- For young girls ages 4-6 years old. The program was designed to give athletes an additional challenge without having the time commitment of the pre-competitive program. Athlete's will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics while developing their personal strength and flexibility.
Class Length: 1 hours 25 minutes
Cost: $215/10 wks
School Age Gymnastics-  For girls and boys aged 6-9 years old. This class will teach the children the basics of gymnastics. The program is based around the Can-Gym program that many clubs use around Canada. They will focus on the fundamental movement patterns of gymnastics: Landings, Stationary positions, Locomotions, Rotations and Swings.
 Class Length: 1 hour 25 minutes
Cost: $215/10 wks
Intermediate Gymnastics For girls and boy ages 6-9. This class is for children who have done sessions of gymnastics before and are looking for a challenge, yet are not ready to make the commitment of a longer Advanced class. Intermediate gymnastics will work on advancing the skills that the children have previously learned. A few skills that Intermediate gymnastics will put an emphasis on are round offs, bridges / kickovers and pullovers. 
Class Length: 1 hour 40minutes
Cost: $235/10 wks
Advanced Rec- The Advanced Rec. program is divided into two age categories; Advanced Rec (ages 7-9) and Pre-Teen (ages 10+). Both classes focus on challenging the athletes at their own pace. Athletes will work their way through the JO 1-3 skill requirements. The Advanced Rec classes give the children a taste of advanced gymnastics in a low key commitment setting.
 Class Length: 2 hours
Cost: $260/10 wks
2 - Day Advanced / Pre-Teen Rec Option (*New Trial Class- Winter 2020) -  For Winter 2020, the 2-day option will run on Tuesday 6:30-8:30 and Thursday 6:00-8:00
Class Length: 2 hours / Twice weekly
Cost: $410/10 wks
How Can I Register?
Step #1: 
  • Option # 1 : Call the facility (403-915-1190 or 403-942-4405)​​
    • Please note when our facility is closed! Check first before calling in.
      If the facility is closed, send us an email!​
  • Option #2 : Send an email to eclipsegymnasticsltd@outlook.com
    • In the email provide the following information...
      • Child's Name​
      • Date of Birth
      • Best Contact Number
      • Class Day & Time interested in
Step #2:
  • Fill out, sign and return the registration package. 
    • It can either be found below and printed off, or the registration packages are available for pick up at the facility. ​
Step #3:
  • Take care of payment for the class. 
    • We accept cash, credit (Visa or Mastercard) or E-transfer. Our apologies but we cannot accept debit, American Express or Visa Debits. ​
    • Once payment has been received a receipt will be e-mailed to the address provided upon registration. 

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